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When your thinking about purchasing a CCTV system you can come up with all sorts of problems, which systems is most suitable to my needs, The internet is awash with different types of  cameras currently available on the market.

Then you need to ask is why do you need a cctv systems in the first place ?.

Differentiating between the different cameras and their capabilities, then you need to ask yourself one question important question.

What is it I want to be able to do with a cctv camera ? Then your answer needs to be either OBSERVE or DETECT or can the problem be better suited to maybe better lighting in the area you want to cover

Observe cameras can be at the lower end of the pricing scale as you only want to observe anything in a certain area and not really want to see the person close up and in greater detail.

Detect camera systems are priced at the higher scale as these cameras can capture more detailed information of the object i.e hair colour, and even facial features.

We have all watched the TV when the Police issue video footage of someone that they are trying to identify but the image is quite blurry or pixilated and not in focus, this is due to the camera being setup to observe rather than identify or the camera is a cheap market camera

Our Advice !

Some CCTV installers install cheaper camera systems which are all right in daylight hours but perform poorly in darkness or low light and only have a life expectancy of maybe a couple of years, therefore it is advisable to select an reputable installer who only installs quality cameras systems which should last for 5 or more years, or have a longer than expected warranty. 12 month warranties are normally the cheaper cameras as this is the manufacturers warranty.

The DVR recording  also comes in to the equation because of the format that it records the image from the camera, not all recorders are not quite what they seem or what they are protrayed to be. HD recorders or High Definition recorders can be 720p which is 720 tv lines, this is the amount of lines on a TV screen are used to make up the image, where true HD is 1080p which is 1080 TV lines on a TV screen making up the image.
This image show the different qualities of images to expect from different systems from the lowest quality cif on the rights to True HD 1080p taking the most space.

As mentioned earlier regarding other option of protecting your property, security lighting may be a better choice, staying within the boundaries of the law with CCTV and be quite difficult task, just ensuring you are not obtaining any footage from a neighboring property or from a public highway that's going past your property can all land you in trouble.

Any camera systems recording outside the boundaries of your property automatically falls under the Data Protection Laws

Here are some links to Help understand how CCTV Systems and how the law is implemented regarding CCTV Systems (opens a new windows)

SCC ( Surveillance Camera Commissioner )

ICO ( information Commissioner Office )

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