Network Cabling Installations
Network installations installed by Access Denied Systems are guaranteed to be installed to a high standard with no cutting corners.
We only use the highest quality copper core cable to ensure your network performs at maximum speed and reliability.

We cater for all first installs and upgrades with no maximum or minimum terminations.
Ethernet cable is probably the most common network cable installed in business networks, known for it's reliability and durability ethernet Cat 5e cable  can move business data around the office with ease.

Cat 5e can handle speeds up to 1 Gb transfer rates which is most common on most networks. Operations which require higher data speeds like CAD or multimedia Applications may require Cat6 due to it's higher data troughput enabling smother data flow
Network Installations
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Cat 6
Fibre cabling is for specialist networks used by most internet services providers as a means of transferring whole neighborhoods internet connections back to the exchange.

The speed of Fibre Cable can go from 100's Gb/s data transfers over many 10's of kilometres without the loss of any speed or reliability making the ideal option for connecting multiple buildings to a single network either above or below ground connectivity
Cat6 cable works in the same way as cat5e except for the fact that cat6 cable can move data faster due to the different wiring configuration. Cat5e cable is 8 single stranded cables twisted together in a set formation, whereas cat6 cabling is configured with 8 single wires twisted in pairs with a central core to separate the pairs of wires.
With this configuration CAT6 cabling can transfer data at speeds 10 times faster than cat 5e and just as reliable.
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