Locksmith Services

Locksmith Services

Keeping on top of home security is something that most people don’t consider as top priority, fixing window locks when they break is not high on the priority list. This is also the same with door locks, if it works then it’s fine, it locks the door the home is safe. Well, this is definitely on the case, thieves know which locks can be bumped and other vulnerabilities associated with door locks

Keeping your door locks in good condition and up to date will stand you in good stead against the thieves,

Food for thought, how many keys do you have for the main front door, how many of theses keys can be accounted for. How many of these keys where give to a neighbour who has since moved house or no longer associate with. How many of these keys have been lost and you’ve just had another one cut. It can be quite frightening when you consider how many keys are about and all these keys can open your front door, now have the same for the back door. Have you recently moved into a new home and the estate agent give you a bunch of keys, can you be sure you have every one of them?

This is why you should ensure that you change your locks regular possibly every 5 to 7 years, as you know the more you use the lock the more the lock wares away and this in affect can allow a key not made for your lock to be used.

It seems a ridiculous thing to say, but even if there is no sign of damage and your locks are regularly serviced and working well it is still worth changing your locks every few years – why – changing technology.

The internet is great for many things but sometimes there is simply too much information – try looking for “lock bumping or snapping” on “U” Tube if the burglar can use it for updating his information and entry techniques you need to be one step ahead.